Pastoral support

Pastoral care is central to life at SMCC and we have an excellent pastoral team in place to support all pupils on their journey throughout secondary school. Excellent pastoral care is at the heart of what we do as we believe that pupils should feel safe, secure and happy at school.

Every pupil has a form tutor who is responsible for their day to day support and is also a first point of contact for parents. As a pastoral team, our aim is to work with all parents & carers to provide the best possible care and school experience for all our pupils. 

House System

There are five houses; Eagle, Falcon, Harrier, Kestrel and Osprey

  • Eagle - Yellow tie
  • Falcon - Green tie
  • Harrier - Red tie
  • Kestrel - Blue tie
  • Osprey - White tie

Throughout the year, there are competitions held between the houses. Inter-house competitions bring together the students of the school in a fun and competitive way, providing them with an opportunity to show their varied talents.

Prefects are appointed in Year 11. The prefects work with the Heads of House and Heads of Department to organise charity fund-raising events, sports events, and departmental inter-house competitions throughout the year.

Eagle House

Mrs J Foster-Skelton

Falcon House

Mr D Hague

Harrier House

Miss A Hunter

Kestrel House

Mr I Jones

Osprey House

Mrs L Southworth